Violet is my favourite colour… thus explains all the name and theme as well as the design for this webpage, which are all finalised with that in mind.

As I recall the journey of me and my family…

-I remember having a pinkish VIOLET diary, where I pen all my memories from college days.

-My wedding booklet was with VIOLET background as well as the wedding card. In fact I have 2 wedding invitation cards. One was for the church reception while the other a Chinese Wedding Dinner. Following the chinese customary, the Chinese Wedding Invitation Card was in bold RED! My MIL still kept copies of them and was showing them to me the other day. 🙂

-My master bedroom was, guess what – with a feature wall in VIOLET. Luckily my DH didn’t disagree…

-My 1st branded wristlet that I’ve spend my hard-earned money to purchase was in VIOLET. It became my favourite wristlet and travelled the world with me for years until the wristlet strap gave way. Hoping to get it fixed, I brought it back to KLCC outlet, inquiring for replacement strap to be ordered and left my wristlet with them for almost a month. Unfortunately, I got a call that they are unable to find the replacement stock. So, farewell my dear favourite VIOLET Wristlet friend. You have served me well….

-After years of working in corporate world, I have gained tremendous experience both technical and non-technical. I have also met and build lovely relationship with my colleagues. We worked day and night, night and day to deliver our common goals. The team was close-knitted and I remembered the hardwork of the team and the nightmare that GST brought to us all… Despite the challenge, we grew closer and when it was time to bid farewell – I had a special gift from them. I received a branded VIOLET bag, which was bought all the way from Hong Kong just for me. I was so touched! Thank you team for the lovely gift and it will be amongst my treasures for sure!

NOW, for the love of the colour VIOLET, “VIOLET DRIZZLE” was born officially in Oct 2019!