Got a wedding invitation last July and I was overjoyed to have received the invitation….. Accepted with joy!

The next few days my mind was full of lingering thoughts of getting a special gift for her….  What should I get, ya? Hmmmmmmm…..

Then, the “light bulb” moment appear out of no where and tadaaaaa……it shall be Totoro wedding couple (bride and groom).  I remember she had a “Totoro key pouch” and I presume she should like “Totoro”, then.  So, it shall be “Totoro wedding couple”

And so, I began to do a lot of research on the dress and the colours of yarn to use for the bride and groom.  The natural colour of Totoro supposed to be grey but I thought it be more “stand-out” in blue and pink.  Especially the sparkly yarn will really signify the “special” groom (blue) and bride (pink) figure.  The blue will camouflage as the tuxedo and I just added the black hat and black bow to make it look more formal.

As for the bride…..I did a few dress and it just didn’t look good and finally, i decided to do just a cloak with the finishing pink rose. It turned out awesome.  The veil was also handmade.  Sewn 3 white roses to a crochet piece and add-on the double layer sheer fabric to make a great looking  headpiece veil.  Everything was done within 2 weeks but missing the sheer fabric….Where am I gonna get that?  Online?  Then, I recall during the “Girls Day Out with Baby A“, I saw some sale in “Spotlight” on the sparkly sheer fabric.  So, next day, hubby and I went to hunt for the fabric.  Soooooooo happy to find the fabric and the “final assembly” date is set!

Some of the pics taken while the assembly was done…..

It’s a wonderful journey for me to put together this masterpiece.  It was delivered and I’m glad she liked it!

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