My hobby is Crochet…..this terminology never appear in my profile although I have owned a crochet hook for more than 30 years.  It never cross my mind to mention it and a lot of my close family and friends were kinda surprise when I posted my first crochet project in Facebook….”You know how to crochet?” was one of the common comments made.  I remember I would shy away and and not know how to react!

Years gone by and the urge to rekindle my hobby became stronger!  The first instant that I know I had to spend more time being happy and “crochet” is what I turned to!  It gave me the sense of achievement every time I finish a project!  Thus, I mainly do short easy projects to keep me going!

I truly am grateful and really miss my paternal grandmother, who, instilled this skill unto me!  She picked up crochet and knitting when she spend years overseas in faraway land – Land of Oz with my aunt! I was curious and when I saw all the handmade scarf, I knew I had to pick up and “just do it”.

Since then, occassionally I would scout for yarn to crochet and knit!  I’m glad that I have created this site and had a collections of crochet patterns. 

Never would I dream of having a webpage to express and share those crochet projects that I’ve done in million years!  But, I’m proud to say that “My greatest passion and hobby is CROCHET”.  I hope more youngsters will pick up this hobby rather than indulging in gadgets!

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Some of the items listed are as follows :

1) Amigurumi Elephant

2) Baby Booties


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