Crochet has been a huge part of my life for the longest time! I’m so glad that I can spend more of my time now on my passion –  My hobby is Crochet! Crochet has also help me to destress and spending more time on crochet means I’m less stress…….hahaha!

This had lead me to creating a You Tube channel – Violet Drizzle Crochet to keep track of my creations.   The first video clip was “How to crochet for beginners – hairband

Today, I’m going to share the simple crochet pattern for Hand Sanitiser Holder. You can mix and match different colours and let your creativity run wild.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak since 2020, hand sanitiser has been our daily travel partner.  This travel size hand sanitiser comes in handy when we are out and about.  But due to the mini size of this travel hand sanitiser, it can get drown in your huge carrier bag – be it school bags, handbags, backpacks, brief case (do we still use that?!), etc.

This DIY crochet hand sanitiser holder can be hang or attach to your carrier bag and whenever you want to use it, simply snap the cover and squeeze the sanitiser from the bottle, without spending much time looking for your hand sanitiser in your big huge bag…

Material required for Hand Sanitiser holder :

Patterns as below :

Use Pink Yarn

Row 1 : Chain (Ch) 16, sl st  (16)

Row 2 : Sc 16 (16)

Row 3 : (Sc,Inc) x8  (24)

Row 4 -7 : Sc 24  (24)

Change to purple yarn

Row 8-9 : Sc 24  (24)

Change to white yarn

Row 10-15 : Sc 24  (24)

Row 16 : (Sc,Dec) x8 (16)

Continue to do the string in white yarn

Refer to the video clip below for the string tutorial

Continue with the white yarn for the heart shape.

– Refer to the heart shape pattern in the blog page : “Crochet Bookmark (Heart-shaped)

Use the pink yarn for the flower and leave a long tail to be sew to the holder.

– Refer to the attached video for the flower tutorial via the link below :

Lastly affix the button and you are done! If you would like to share your finished item, feel free to join me at “Cooking and Crochet – My hobby” Group and post your wonderful pictures!

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For more hand sanitiser holder pattern (8cm x 4cm), please view below :

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