What does PASSION means to you, my friend?  This was the same question running through my head day in day out not really knowing what truly PASSION means….this brings me back to many events of life, my journey towards finding my PASSION!

Let’s begin by looking up the meaning of this powerful word.  (I was told this word will determine the destiny of my life)! So, let’s get serious here…

And so, when I looked up the many available online dictionaries plus the mini Oxford Dictionary that had accompanied me throughout my college years till now, words or phrase that associated with PASSION that pop up are :

“strong emotion or powerful feelings towards love, hate, anger, sexual attraction or other emotions”,

“great enthusiasm”,

“the sufferings of Christ on the Cross”,

“extreme interest in or wish for doing something” and many more….

But that does not gave me the clarity to find my passion…perhaps, I’m not intellectual enough to comprehend the meaning behind this powerful word.


However, the after “eclipse moment” happened recently, when I “empty my cup”! Yes, I did just that.  I acknowledge my FEAR, I verbally expressed my FEAR, I analysed my FEAR, embraced my FEAR, and finally overcomed my FEAR!

This “eclipse moment” took me 2 dreadful long years! Well, there’s many thoughts running through me, “I could have…”, “I should have…” and many regret moments. But, all of this does not matter anymore, as I’ve chosen my path!

From the moment I “empty my cup”, multiple scenes replayed in my mind and I was definite that this is my DREAM (at least for now, hehehe) and live my life without regrets.  The day I give up on my DREAM, would be the day I’m telling my children, be a mediocre! So, there’s no turning back!

As I ponder upon the stars, in the quiet moment, I envisaged and picture myself achieving that DREAM!  Many sifu in their context, relate this to MIND power, MIND control and etc.  I’m very fortunate at this juncture to have so many mentors – directly or indirectly influencing me during this phase of life –  my soul searching pathway. Thank you all the sifus.

If you are still wondering “What does PASSION means to me?”, read Robin Sharma’s “The monk who sold his Ferrari”.  I found my answers in Chapter 7 – “A Most Extraordinary Garden”.


Some of my favourite phrases

“..the secret of happiness is simple : find out what you truly love to do and then direct all of your energy towards doing it…”

“..your passion must, in some way, improve or serve the lives of others..”

“..your work will be play..”

So, my dear friends, don’t procastinate, take action today, to empty your cup and discover your destiny.

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