This DIY crochet sunflower is super easy and simply take 15-30 mins to complete.  They can be used as key chain or even earrings.

Link to the pattern is below :

Before you proceed to the pattern, there are some basic stitch tutorial that may help you to master the sunflower pattern.

How to crochet single crochet stitch

Sunflower Pattern

Centrepiece – make 2 in dark brown

Row 1 – MC6

Row 2 – Inc x 6   (12)

Row 3 – (Sc, Inc) x 6    (18)

Row 4 – (2Sc, Inc) x 6    (24)

Row 5 – (3Sc, Inc) x 6   (30)

Petals – change colour to yellow

Place the wrong side of centrepiece facing one another. Insert hook into any stitch of each piece and secure the yarn with a knot.

Each petal pattern – Sc, [hdc, 2DC]into the next stitch, PICOT stitch, [2Dc, hdc]into the next stitch, sc in the next stitch.

Repeat and make 10 petals.

Once you reach 8 petals, stuff the centrepiece with fiber stuffing and continue with the 9th and 10th petals.

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[Note : PICOT is chain 3 and slip stitch to the 1st chain stitch]