About Us

We are creating a platform for all Crochet lover to learn, to design and to share everything about crochet!  We loved to Cook as well, thus, sharing our recipes at the same time!  We Crochet and Cook for our loved one coz we Care!

3C‘s! Crochet, Cook and Care!


My Story

Violet Drizzle was established in 2019 when I took a career break for the love of my children. I rekindle with my long lost love – Crochet & Cook! I began to cultivate ideas on preserving the knowledge – perhaps one day my children or others may benefit from.  I recreate some childhood dish and recipes to soothe my homesickness. That’s where the YouTube Violet Drizzle was born. At the same time, I capture some simple crochet tutorials for family and friends as their reference.  Those tutorials are loaded to YouTube Violet Drizzle Crochet.

My learning horizon began to expand and I start to dream of the impossible!  I kept going and dreaming……“Let Your Dream Be Bigger than Your FEAR!”


Dreaming everyday hoping to make impactful changes to my life and others as well! Social media was an alien to me…

One year on…..

I’m maintaining this website, facebook page – Violet Drizzle, Instagram – Violet Drizzle, pinterest – Violet Drizzle and also 2 YouTube Channel – Violet Drizzle & Violet Drizzle Crochet.

Hope to create more channel to reach out to, as many people as I can.
I’m sharing everything that I learned over the months and hope someone will find the blog page useful. I owe this to a special mentor of mine (perhaps one day, I would be able to mention the person in my blog) and will pay forward to share with anyone that is interested in creating a “dream place” of their own!

How I work

Perfecting a recipe is to repeat and study the ingredients and utensils to create that awesome “PERFECT” dish. Most watched YouTube Video is the “Tuiles”. A great recipe that utilised only the egg whites. For bakers, this is the best way to use up the egg whites balance.

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